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Meirav Sher | Glass Painting

sculpture, art, meteor, Space x, Mars, Black, ball, round, eva Moosbrugger Eva Moosbrugger | INDIGO OCEAN, #2 |H 23 x 27,7 x 18,3 cm
family tree, colours, cool, aluminium, abstract, metal, minimalism Sam Shendi | The Family Tree

Juan López Salvador

La Laguna, Canary Islands, Spain

volcano, energy, fire, landscape, nature Cráter ( Segmento )

Lisa van Noorden

Rotterdam, Zuid Holland, Netherlands

copper, handmade, hanging, home, installation, interior, kitchen, objects Lisa van Noorden | Drops and diamonds | Installation | Wood, Metal, Plastic, copper and pencil on Wood | 137.8 H x 98.4 W x 68.9 in

Marton Varo

Newport Beach, California, United States

dancer, woman, torso, dress, drape, stone, marton varo, carrara marble, woman, sculpture, art, artists, modern, collectors, stocks, markets, investments Marton Varo | 38 Cubes | Carrara marble | 15”1/2 | 40 cm

Ivana Machackova

Gothenburg, Sweden

smooth, stone, translucent, white, aerial, alabaster, marble, THE CARLOS REID GALLERY, ONLINE Ivana Machackova | Ivana Machackova | TIDE | Stone on Marble and Stone | 50 x 19,5 x 14 cm | 19.7 x 7.7 x 5.5 in

Jang Yong Sun

South Korea

Buy Yongsun Jang Artwork Particle 470915 scorched stainless steel 35X35X35 2011


Contemporary | Modern | Art | International | Online


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