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Gonzalo Bénard

Paris, France

Walking the Dogs

Walking the Dogs

My love for dogs comes since always. And when I say dogs, I mean big dogs. Real dogs. 
Fascinating too is how they mark their territory. Like wolves, peeing all around, they mark: It’s mine and I’m here.

The 2 dogs started some years ago when I saw 2 dogs mating in the street while I was having a drink at a terrace. It was hilarious the clumsiness of them 2 trying to mate. I couldn’t resist making a drawing, especially when a 3rd dog came and start peeing on them. After some time the drawing of the 2 dogs became a signature of mine. But that’s another story. 
I decided then to turn them into “life”, cutting them in foam board and take them out for a walk… 
Maybe an excuse to walk around in Paris. Or just missing having dogs around. 
The fact is that I created them to walk with them and enjoy “Walking the Dogs“.

During 2 days "Walking the Dogs" around Paris, I had several reactions from people, including some with dogs who immediately put theirs dogs next to mine. I was in fact amazed with the reaction of most people, who smiled and talked with us because of my dogs. Most of them curious about the dogs: "are they wolves?".

In this series, “Walking the Dogs” you’ll see them interacting alone in the city, marking their territory, peeing around and mating on each corner. 
(It was quite difficult to avoid them doing it... you know dogs). They also face different situations that made them interact with people, their dogs, etc.

Walking the Dogs can always be an amazing experience.

printed photos available for sale: 
50x50cm - numbered 5/5 - signed   Baryta Harman/Hahnemühle paper


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