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maxime stamati | France

Maxime Stamati
Paris, France


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Maxime Stamati

Paris, France

About | Maxime Stamati
Maxime Stamati to a pictorial writing stimulated by the force and the simplicity of the spontaneous creativity, whether vegetable, animal or human, even social. These mysterious hierograms scratched in the canvas come back in turn like an immutable imprint. Each of his works takes us towards a flight of the spirit ...
He invokes his palette in the materials of modernity (acrylics, ...) making the colors dance in an immemorial harmony.
Maxime Stamati is a globetrotter who, through his many allies from the Philippines to Mexico, to Bali and many other countries, has captured the very essence of light and vibrant colors that are followed throughout his life .
This instinctive artist draws most of his inspiration from his extremely fertile imagination. Each of his works leaves the pieces of happiness that he lodges, forcing the color he executes the dreams of a lost Paradise that he retranscribes us through each of his achievements.

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