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thomas dowdeswell | United Kingdom

Thomas Dowdeswell
Bristol, United Kingdom


Kevin Callaghan
A Card for the Bard. The National Literacy Trust. September 2016.

In the Wake of Terror. Its All 2 Much. Bristol. September to October 2015.
Parallax Art Fair. London. October 21st to 23rd 2016.
Rotterdam International Art Fair. 9th and 10th September 2016.
Novus Conceptum. Hannah Bacol Busch Gallery. Houston Texas. April to September 30th 2016.
FLUX Exhibition. RCA. London. Dec 10th to 14th 2015.
The Island. Bristol. November 2015.
Art for Postcards. The Moniker Art Fair. 15th to 18th October. London
Ninety Percent. London.
Art Chess courtesy of Purling London. Harrods. UK. 15th March to the present.
SEE Art Fair. Royal Tunbridge Wells. 24th to 28th June 2015
The Other Art Fair. Victoria House London. 23rd-26th April 2015.
The Year of the Bus. Transport for London. Auction 24th March 2015.
Inspiring Art-The Princes Trust. Castle Fine Art. London. 22nd October 2014.
Obsession. Love, Ritual, Collection. The Embassy Tea Room. London. 24th to 29th June.
1984- Books About Town. Wild in Art./The National Literacy Trust. Secret location in London. July to September 2014.
Art Loves You. Paris. France. Dates TBC.
The Other Art Fair. Ambika 3. Marylebone, London. PV 24h April until 27th April 2014.
Scapes. View Gallery. Bristol. UK. 6th March to 27th April 2014
Art Chess courtesy of Purling London. Harrods. UK. 15th March to the present.
Recent Exhibitions:
The Princes Trust: An Evening of Art. Bath Assembly Rooms. December 5th 2013.
Buy Art Fair with View Art Gallery. Manchester. September 2013.
Gromit Unleashed. Bristol. July 1st to September 8th 2013.
Ka-Boom! View Art Gallery. Bristol. Private View 24th January 2013.
The Beginnings of Life. Debut Contemporary. London. October 2012.
Great British Art and Design. Union. Grantham. Sep/Oct 2012.
The New Art Festival. The Museum of Russian Art, New Jersey. September 2012.
Kinetics-A Celebration of Olympics Events. Colston Hall. Bristol. July/Aug 2012.
The Raconteurs Arena. View Gallery. Bristol. June/July 2012.
Dreweatts Urban and Contemporary. London July 2012...
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Thomas Dowdeswell

Bristol, United Kingdom

About | Thomas Dowdeswell
Dowdeswell’s formative years were spent studying American history, politics and culture first at the University of Wales, Swansea and then at California State University, Fullerton where he gained a deep understanding and appreciation of global affairs.

It was not until the seismic event of his father’s death aged 21 did he turn more seriously to art and most importantly the medium of oil on canvas. A heritage of art runs through Dowdeswell’s lineage, his father and grandmother being highly skilled copyists and oil painters, while his mother has a deep regard for colour and nature.  On his return to the UK from California he began experimenting with oil paints, studying form and re-interpreting images and stories from publications such as The Economist and Newsweek with his work naturally taking on a political and social perspective.

What began as a therapy session and a link to a permanently altered past quickly became an obsession and bore witness to Dowdeswell experimenting and developing a broad range of styles, working through political portraits, through geometric Op-Art influenced work, until aged 30 he began developing his unique body of Vortescape paintings.  Works such as The Pyramid of Power (2013), Class Warfare (2014) and The Consequences of Conspicuous Consumption (2015) dealt directly with powerful issues such as class division, the growing gap between rich and poor, the plight of health and educational institutions, big brother and the threat of terrorist attack.

From 2012 his commercial acumen and popularity steadily increased with exhibitions in London, Bristol and the United States.  In 2013 he undertook his first major charity work creating the installation Being Gromit Malkovich for the hugely successful project Gromit Unleashed which raised over £2million for Bristol Children’s hospital.  Following on from this success Thomas worked in conjunction with The National Literacy Trust, Transport for London and Wild in Art to create his celebrated 1984 (2014) book bench and London Routemaster bus  Come Rain or Come Shine (2015).

In the past twelve to eighteen months he has become increasingly interested in the work of Pieter Brueghel, Hieronymous Bosch and Francis Bacon and the concept of how art, history and humanity revolves in circles of progress and development but also destruction and war.  Horrified by the Syrian war and the ensuing migrant crisis and witnessing a frightening polarisation of the political landscape, Dowdeswell has produced a new body of work which bring together his own unique techniques alongside references to the canon of art history while commenting on conflict, displacement, threat of terror and the demons of war.  His polemic Modern Hell (2015) debuted to critical acclaim at the Royal College of Art last December while his latest work Fear Plagues the City (2016) is currently on display in Houston Texas at the Hannah Bacol Busch Gallery until September.

Dowdeswell will be appearing at the Rotterdam International Art fair in September, The Parallax Art Fair in London in October and will be premiering his solo show In the Wake of Terror from September to October in Bristol, UK.
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