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george pago | Greece

George Pago


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Artist Statement:
Deep inside every human knows well that resides on this world one time only, as something unique and no other coincidence as this will surge for a second time to bring together in unity such a wonderful multiplicity like him. As soon as we realize and accept our uniqueness and our dissimilitude we can be happy and free to live what we really desire. Thus, through my work, I suggest simplicity of things/situations – to subsume it under an interpretation, sensible or not, where anyone can experience the feeling of the present, consuming energy, full of gratitude for anything visible or invisible hidden deep inside him. Going or taking the step of his unique perception is enough to transmit this energy to others – create, that is, a chain of stimuli that will appear naturally and multiply uniquely.

He studied Fine and Applied
Arts Department at
Aristotle’s University

Graduation from a private school
of Applied Arts in graphic
design & decoration Athens,
teachers Doxiadis

He worked in publishing and
advertising agencies in Athens
as Creative Director
He founded the company
“Pago sa” (advertising) in Thessaloniki.

He worked with ministry sport 2004
TRAINOSE, St. Luke hospital,
and other multinational companies.
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George Pago


About | George Pago
George Pago 40 is a Greek successful artist. He studied Applied Arts and worked as a Creative Director for more than 10 years for Publishing Companies. His main focus in on sculpture, painting and installation. BE ONE OF THEM PROGECT Pago 2013. Spending many hours in his atelier-studio Pago, he came across the idea of the be one of them Project. This new demanding work will eventually be presented in London, Berlin, Barcelona, Dubai, Canada and New York. Pago says you only become happy when you truly believe in yourself and your uniqueness. We all make history by being unique, special and true! That's what Be one of them Campaign is all about!

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