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Manifest Design. In


Manifest Design Introducing Manifest Design, India
Manifest Design Founders Samraat & Manreet Deol

About Us

Manifest Design is proud to present its collection of Sculptural Jewelry that is a mélange of Art, Fashion and everything Beautiful!We create timeless pieces that are thoughtfully handcrafted and have a soul that transcends style and cultural boundaries.We hope our Jewelry is collected and shared as mementos that infuse inspirations and rekindle forgotten dreams. 


Established in the summer of 2013, Manifest Design a dream project of siblings Manreet & Samraat Deol that has been many years in the making. They set out to create a company that would create authentic meaningful Design while perfectly utilizing their life experiences in the diverse worlds of Luxury design and cutting edge e-commerce businesses.

What manifested ultimately is a brand that strives to make ‘Everyday Wearable Art’. Gorgeous handmade ornaments whose inspirations are varied and eccentric - Gnarled corals, sensuous vines, bold rock sculptures, urban art, opera and street food all somehow influence a unique visual vocabulary that is at once familiar and also unexpected. 

The indelible touch of the Sculptor and the metal-smith add an additional layer of intrigue and warmth that truly make the Manifest Design pieces unique.

Manreet Deol

Manifest Design Co-founder and Creative Director, Manreet Deol is a product designer whose love for jewelry took hold in early childhood while she fashioned pieces out of seeds and recycled bits of wire for her friends! After an expansive career in New York and New Delhi, designing for several luxury tabletop companies, Manreet now lives and works in the charming French Colonial town of Pondicherry in south India. This collection is an extension of her personal Creative vision of creating designs that are natural,polished and democratic.

  Samraat Deol

Samraat is the brands Co-Founder and the business/ operational brains behind the efficient e-commerce experience the website offers. After working for over a decade with e-commerce/ tech giants such as Amazon and Salesforce, the time was ripe to use his expertise for projects closer to home. What started out as a epiphany over a phone call with Manreet soon turned into a brand new business idea that has started with jewellery but is set to expand to fashion clothing, collectables etc.

Manifest Design How Its Made

How Its Made


Every Manifest Design piece is truly a work of art. We like to use Artisanal techniques and materials in a form that is rarely used for Jewelry making.

In this collection we use the process of the great masters and begin each design by sculpting it in clay. It is then cast in Brass and Aluminum using the ancient metallurgy technique of Sand Casting.

It’s a time consuming process in which skilled craftsmen painstakingly create a new sand mold for each and every piece that must be broken apart for each and every Manifest Design Jewelry Piece.

Manifest Design Fine river sand is mixed with molasses to form these primal yet intricate two part molds.
Manifest Design Hot metal is hand poured in these and allowed to cool before the sand mold is broken apart to reveal the piece.
Manifest Design These one of a kind objects are then individually sanded and polished to complete the process.

This low impact manufacturing technique is ideal for our organic pieces. It captures the softness of the Jewellery while adding to its beauty with a subtle grainy sand texture amongst other indelible marks.

We love all the little dents and nicks as we see them as signs of our pieces being entirely handcrafted by an Artisan and not mass-produced in a rubber mold.

We want to continue exploring such techniques and combine them with our vision to create more exquisite Jewellery collections so stay tuned!



  • All our Jewelry is made from reclaimed Aluminum and Brass.
  • Our Silver finish is Polished Aluminum and the Gold finish is Polished Brass. We never plate our pieces but apply a light coat of clear enamel/Lacquer to preserve shine of the pieces and to prevent the Brass pieces from tarnishing prematurely.
  • If you are Allergic to non precious materials please take care not to wear our bangles. Pendents may be worn over clothing.
  • Our Pendent chords are made of coated cotton.


Product Care


  • Our Brass pieces may darken over time and develop a patina. They can be easily returned to their original luster with the use of a fine silver polish.
  • The Aluminum pieces will not tarnish but may be occasionally polished with a silver polish to clean them.
  • Our Espresso Bronze finish is an antique plating done over solid Brass. Clean your Jewelry with a soft dry cloth and keep it away from Moisture.
    Store in an airtight box with similar items.
  • Slight variations in the Espresso Bronze finish may occur and these are a result of the hand made process.
  • As with you precious jewellery, protect your Manifest Jewellery pieces from scratches and dents.
  • Be sure to wear your jewelry after you have applied all your make up and perfume.

Size Guide


Our pieces are have curvy organic shapes and are often asymmetrical so please take a moment to carefully measure them before making a purchase.



- We offer our Bangles in a Size 8/ Medium size (6.5cm/ 2.5” Inner Diameter) which is the most popular bangle size.

- Please measure the inside of your existing bangle to make sure this is the correct size for you before  ordering them.

- Our bangles that have openings can be worn by anyone who usually wears a Large size. The space allows the hand to slip through very effortlessly.

- Changing the size of the bangles: Some of our design have a gap and the size of the piece can sometimes be adjusted by pushing the two ends of the gap closer. Please do not attempt this yourself particularly with Aluminum since its a soft material and may snap easily if force is applied to bend the bangle into shape. We recommend going to a local jeweler or a metal artisan to get this done.

 -For more specific size information please contact us.





The sizes of our Pendents vary and are mentioned in each individual page. The thread is 40cm/ 16“ long. We leave it raw edged so you can tie it to the length you prefer.

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