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Film | Art Caligula 1979 HD Full Movie

Film | Art Amos & Andy: Anatomy of a Controversy 1983

Film Description: Amos & Andy: Anatomy of a Controversy 1983

History of the Amos & Andy characters from radio to controversial all black tv cast show canceled in 1953. Hosted by George Kirby. Features Redd Foxx, Rev.Jesse Jackson, Alvin Childress, Ernestine Wade.

Amos n Andy | The Chinchilla Business

Amos n Andy | Insurance Policy

Amos n Andy | Ready Made Family

Amos n Andy | Mr. Jackson Comes to Town

 Film | Art | Black Dynamite Cartoon series

Black Dynamite |  "Black Jaws!" or "Finger Lickin' Chicken of the Sea"

Black Dynamite |  How Honeybee Got Her Groove Back

Black Dynamite | The White Album

Black Dynamite "Diff'rent Folks, Same Strokes" or "The Hunger Pang Games"

Film Description | Black Dynamite "Diff'rent Folks, Same Strokes" or "The Hunger Pang Games"


Child Services is finally on to the Whorephanage and slaps them with a shutdown notice! But it's okay, because rich white Mr. Phil Drummond and his rich white friends adopt all the orphans at once and whisk them off to a luxury high-rise in the sky. Just as Black Dynamite comes to terms with no longer having the Orphans around, he learns that luxury skyscraper is actually a deathmatch arena where the Orphans fight each other to the death for food! He's got to put an end to these Hunger Pang Games, no matter how popular they are!

Film Description | Black Dynamite "Warriors Come Out" or "The Mean Queens of Halloween"


It's Halloween in LA and Cream Corn convinces Black Dynamite and the Crew to go to a street party where, let's just say, ain't nobody in the closet. Everything's gay (as in happy) and gay (as in gay) until Rip Tayles (Voiced by John DiMaggio) is assassinated in front of everyone! The unseen shooter frames Black Dynamite and the Crew, and now they're on a run for their lives, trying to clear their name, pursued by every gay gang south of West Hollywood!

Film Description | Black Dynamite - "The Wizard of Watts"


In this hour-long musical final episode, Black Dynamite's one day off couldn't be more work (everyone needs his help AND a riot blows up.) A brick to the head sends BD hallucinating into the Magical Land of Oz-Watts, a trippy technicolor world where… everyone needs his help! Between getting Scarecorn some game, Lionhorn a muzzle and the Tin Bee a set of balls, BD has to fight off the Wicked Bitch of the West Side and reach the Great and Powerful Mother#*?@#$%'s palace, or he'll never get home.


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