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Michelle Daisley Moffitt

Michelle Daisley Moffitt


I am an artist that works in a variety of media. I am interested in the
emotive impact of color. I attempt to explore this emotive impact through
strong color as it relates to abstracted natural forms. My use of these
forms exists so that I may physically structure my images around natural
forces. The images in nature are inexhaustible, allowing for constant
variety to examine and manipulate color and the other formal elements.
Through this manipulation of natural forms, I trace the passion and vigor
that is present during the works conception. I want these "inscapes" to
develop the personal symbolism within the image.
To me, my work conveys the urgency in acting on one's own emotions. These
internal feelings spring from outside stimuli and are acted out
aggressively. Since I am a private person, I feel my work speaks visually of
my personality in ways that I choose not to speak verbally. It explores the
depth of my soul and mind. When I work on these images, the universality of
the range of primal emotions alive in every individual is explored on a
grand scale and for this reason I feel they are objects to which every
person can relate in one way or another. My intention is to translate the
beauty of the human experience through the images I produce, not by simply
explaining but by evoking.


MFA, University of Missouri-Columbia Painting/Watercolor/Fibers

BFA, University of Missouri-Columbia

Michelle Daisley Moffitt, "Boogie Woogie," Acrylic on canvas, 48” x 60”x 1.5”, 2011
Michelle Daisley Moffitt, Acrylic, paper and string on canvas, 30”x 30” x 1.5”, 2013
Michelle Daisley Moffitt, "Division,"Acrylic, paper and string on canvas, 30”x 30” x 1.5”, 2013
Michelle Daisley Moffitt, "Quiet Place,"Acrylic, paper and graphite on canvas 24”x 24” x 1.5”, 2013
Michelle Daisey Moffitt, "Deeply," Acrylic, paper and graphite on canvas, 20” x 20” x 1.5”
Michelle Daisey Moffitt, "Weakening," Acrylic, paper and graphite on cradled birch panel, 24” x 18” x 1.5”, 2013
Michelle Daisey Moffitt, "A Fine Mess," Acrylic and paper on canvas, 36”x 36” x 1.5”, 2012
Michelle Daisley Moffitt, "Stormy Monday," Acrylic and paper on cradled birch panel, 24”x 24” x 1.5” , 2013
Michelle Daisey Moffitt, New World Order," Acrylic, oil stick, paper, beads and graphite on canvas, 48” x 36” x 2.25”, 2011

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