Jonathan Redmayne

Wentworth Point, NSW, Australia

Abstract,painting, art, canvas, spot, red, yellow, white, splash, collect, Pollack 1235 in Brussels | 122X92cm |48x36in x 1.5in
1235 in Brussels
1,800.00 USD
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Jonathan Redmayne | 235 in Brussels | Oil on Canvas |122X92cm |48x36in x 1.5in

Ships in Crate

Jonathan Redmayne |
1235 in Brussels

About | Jonathan Redmayne

Jonathan Redmayne is an abstract artist living and working in Sydney, Australia.
At the age of 14 he began painting walls and writing graffiti in the late 90s, He enjoyed the raw sense of adventure, self expressionism, exploration of style and collaborating with other artists, which proved to be instrumental in his transition into an ever evolving studio artist. In 2012 Jonathan graduated from the Catc Design School in Sydney, Australia. Jonathan’s work has been included and exhibited in art prizes and galleries throughout Australia and Europe. His body of work to date challenges the global consumerist culture. He only works with 100% recycled domestic acrylics from sustainable sources such as mis-tints and paint left out for local authority collections. Jonathan’s current post graffiti work is typified by vibrant colours layered with bold brutal lines forming fine liquid textures that cut and divide across the image leaving a trail reminiscent of beautiful decay.

Artist Statement | Jonathan Redmayne

An all over approach is applied with impeccable attention to detail.The centre is just as important as the edge and sides with vivid fluid colours and striking lines fight for survival creating a visual aesthetic that emotionally confronts the viewer.


CATC Design School, The Rocks, NSW 2010-2012 (Dip. Commercial Arts)



2010 Smart Artz Gallery “Nike Be The Revolution of You” Finalist Melbourne, VIC 2010 Plump Gallery “Straight and Arrows” Sydney, NSW
2014 Dome Gallery “ANL Maritime Art Prize” Finalist Melbourne, VIC
2014 Dome Gallery “PB Towage Peoples Choice Award” Finalist Melbourne, VIC 2015 Bond Store “Cossack Art Awards” Finalist Karratha,WA

2016 Tetch Gallery “Sydney Fringe festival” Sydney, NSW
2016 Dome Gallery “ANL Maritime Art Prize” Finalist Melbourne, VIC 2016 The Bricklane Gallery “Abstract Art” London, UK
2016 Palazzo Flangini “Contemporary Venice” Venice, Italy
2017 Tekmininimal Gallery “Mixed Bag” Sydney, NSW



2016 Tekminimal Gallery “Perspective” Sydney, NSW


2012 Barangaroo Dinner Event “Live Painting” KPMG Sydney, NSW
2014 Anchor December Newsletter “Cover Art” ASA Melbourne, VIC
2015 ASA 2015 Australian Shipping Calendar “Cover Art” ASA Melbourne, VIC



Lend Lease
Australian Shipowners Association

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